Edmonton Dog Mom Gift Guide

Mother’s Day, aka Dog Mom’s Day, is coming up and who doesn’t want to buy (or be gifted!) something special! I see advertisements every day for mass-produced pet-related products, but if you’re like me you want to support local, while also finding the best quality items and services. Lucky for us, there are many talentedContinue reading “Edmonton Dog Mom Gift Guide”

What if my dog doesn’t behave?

Have you been thinking about hiring a pet photographer but are worried that your dog won’t behave? While basic commands such as sit, down, and stay are very useful for photography sessions, I can work with dogs at all levels of training. Last fall I had a session with my own dogs and let’s justContinue reading “What if my dog doesn’t behave?”

Goodbye 2021!

Goodbye to 2021, and my first year owning and operating a business! This year I had the pleasure of photographing 35 dogs and 21 people in sessions and many more at Muttstock. I met wonderful people and learned a ridiculous amount about photography, myself, and running a business. Cheers to 2022 and all the amazingContinue reading “Goodbye 2021!”

How to make a snuffle ball

With this cold snap, many dogs are not able to get outside and exercise to the extent that they are used to. Mental stimulation for your dog can be a great way to combat boredom and take the edge off of their energy level. Puzzle feeders, kongs, yoga with your dog, and general training canContinue reading “How to make a snuffle ball”