How to make a snuffle ball

With this cold snap, many dogs are not able to get outside and exercise to the extent that they are used to. Mental stimulation for your dog can be a great way to combat boredom and take the edge off of their energy level. Puzzle feeders, kongs, yoga with your dog, and general training can all help tire out your pup until they can enjoy the great outdoors again.

One of my favourite options is a snuffle ball, which is a soft treat dispensing toy. Luckily for everyone, these are easy to make at home with minimal supplies! There are a few different types of snuffle balls, my favourite involves strips of fleece and a rubber ball with holes, such as the JW HOL-ee Roller Ball.


  • rubber ball with holes
  • fleece, cut into strips
  • scissors

Make sure to choose a ball that suits the size of your dog. For reference, I used a large JW HOL-ee roller (approx. 6.5″ in diameter) for my 100lb dog and a slightly smaller (approx. 5″ diameter) TPR Treat Dispensing Ball for my 20lb dog.

The fleece needs to be cut into strips , the size of which will depend on the size of ball you are using. For the smaller ball, the strips range from 1-1.5″ wide and 5-6″ in length. For the larger ball the stips were 1.5-2″ in width and 8-9″ in length.

Tie the strips of fleece around the edges of each hole in a double knot. Ensure the knots are tight enough that your pup can not easily remove the fleece. For an easier snuffle ball use one strip of material per side and to make it more difficult for your dog, tie two pieces of fleece on each side.

Once you have tied fleece to the side of each hole, the ball is complete and ready to entertain your pup!

If your dog has never used a toy like this before, it is recommended to put a few fragrant, high-value treats inside the ball to get them started.

Always supervise your dog while they are playing with their snuffle ball.

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